PEACE AND SPORT AWARDS 2023 Nominees of the Peace through Sport Initiative of the year

Georges Malaika Foundation

Sport for Social Good

Malaika's Sport founded in 2007 by Noella Coursaris Musunka, combines sports, education, and outreach to teach young people about various issues, such as HIV, gender equality, environmentalism, and peace. The Malaika Community Centre provides a wide range of programs, including literacy, vocational education, sports, and health classes for the local population. Youth sports sessions are tied to school enrollment, and coaches are trained to impart life skills to various beneficiaries, including girls and young adults, impacting thousands of lives annually.
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Zalmi Foundation

Bringing back smiles

The Zalmi Foundation, the social arm of the Peshawar Zalmi professional cricket team, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing today's human resources for tomorrow's challenges. It provides a wide range of initiatives using Cricket as a platform for talent, respect, life skills and leadership. Its initiatives include Girls Cricket coaching camps, fostering girls’ empowerment, Youth Engagement programs encouraging healthy lifestyles among youth, and Leagues devoted to promoting confessional tolerance.

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Beirut Marathon Association

Right 2 Run

The "Right 2 Run" initiative, by the Beiruth Marathon Association, aims to promote running in underprivileged areas, break stereotypes, and empower children through sports. This free program, centered on the theme "To move and unite the youth through running," takes place throughout Lebanon. Each location hosts a race focused on various topics, such as sports for peace, recycling, environmental protection. Participants come from diverse backgrounds. After each race, workshops in partnership with local experts and NGOs educate children on the specific topic.
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Nominees of the Combat Sport Initiative of the year

World Taekwondo

Hope and Dreams Sports Festival

World Taekwondo and the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation aim to empower refugees worldwide, helping to improve their quality of life, develop skills, learn Olympic values and pursue their dreams. Taekwondo Academies are established in refugee camps and urban settings to deliver trainings and related educational activities to refugees. Taekwondo instructors receive a special training are dispatched for long-term missions, implementing weekly trainings for disadvantaged youth. In 2023, the “Hope and Dreams Sports Festival” was organized in Jordan, with sport demonstrations in Azraq camp and refugee Championships for cadet, junior and senior categories in Amman. World Taekwondo also supports refugee athletes to chase their Olympic dreams.

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International Judo Federation

Judo for Peace

Depuis 2007, la commission « Judo For Peace » de la Fédération internationale de judo promeut la paix dans le monde entier, y compris dans les zones de guerre, les régions post-conflit et les zones confrontées à des défis sociaux. L’objectif du programme est d’établir une paix durable dans les zones de conflit, de lutter contre la discrimination et d’inculquer des valeurs bénéfiques à la reconstruction sociale. L’un des principaux objectifs du programme est de soutenir les personnes déplacées et les réfugiés. Les activités sont menées dans une perspective à long terme et englobent le renforcement des capacités, des séminaires de formation pour les entraîneurs et les éducateurs locaux, des séances hebdomadaires de judo dans des environnements difficiles pour les jeunes défavorisés et la fourniture d’équipements de judo.

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Creating equality and opportunities

Ce programme complet a pour objectif de créer de l’espoir, de l’égalité, de l’avenir, de la fierté et des opportunités. À travers un large éventail de projets et d’initiatives, WAKO mobilise l’ensemble de la communauté du kickboxing dans le but de restaurer la confiance et la dignité des populations défavorisées et marginalisées. Dans le cadre du programme « Because we Care », WAKO fournit un renforcement des capacités et un soutien aux réfugiés pour qu’ils deviennent des entraîneurs et mettent en œuvre des entraînements de kickboxing, des projets de gestion de l’agressivité pour les jeunes et des programmes adaptés pour les personnes atteintes de la maladie de Parkinson, entre autres. L’initiative Athletes' Corner est mise en œuvre lors des grands événements de kickboxing, utilisée comme plate-forme pour sensibiliser les athlètes à leur responsabilité sociale et à leur rôle de modèles.

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World Karate Federation

Guardian Girls- Global Karate Project

This worldwide social program aims to promote gender equality and empower women to defend themselves from all forms of gender-based violence through Karate training. Several activities are put in place on the occasion of major Karate events, including Karate and self-defence seminars implemented for girls and women from local vulnerable communities, and Karate demonstrations involving renown and committed athletes broadcasted to a worldwide audience. The project also aims to train female coaches and create Guardian Girls Karate Academies in each Karate Federation member of the WKF. Run in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund and the Koyamada International Foundation the project provides a powerful example of major sporting events’ legacy.
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